Monday, April 10, 2017

Hard to Believe

That it has been a year since I posted here... not much happening on the heavy Electrick these days... still recovering from the shop fire and mostly playing with quads with video capability. I have a  Yuneec Q500 and a couple of the small FPV racing size quads... I have a poor mans live view of a gopro mounted on a custom quad I'm working on... still no FPV googles... I think they are way overpriced pretty much like all of the Spektrum stuff... and you usually need multiple add ons to be usable. Hope to go to Joe Nall this year... a huge RC fly in down in Woodruff, SC. Maybe I'll find some used ones there... I was reading about them and you can get diopter adjustments for folks who wear glasses... unfortunately not for folks who have positive correction prescription... seems kinda shitty... but it is Spektrum.

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