Monday, October 28, 2013

Mid Drive

I've just ordered some parts to build a mid drive similar to this. The primary drive will be approximately 4 to 1 with a MTD belt 15 mm wide. I found the primary drive parts here B&B Manufacturing. They had an online belt length calculator for specifying pulley sizes and belt lengths.

Big Power Small Package

These motors make a ton of power for their size.. this one is a 295 KV motor rated at about 2000 watts. For starters I'm using a 22 volt 5000 ma battery mainly because I already had one. I've ordered a drive that's good for 100 amps @ 44 volts and a 245 KV motor that's rated at 2700 watts

Friction Drive

I put this RC airplane brushless motor on my home built trike some time ago. It's just a friction drive on the rear tire... the ultimate in low buck kiss inspired technology. I didnt have a brushless drive with enough capacity for the motor so I just ordered a  brushless drive for it and will probably try it like this.
The the goal is to convert it to a mid drive arrangement inspired by a pic a story on the the electric bikes web site as posted in the post below.

Recumbents Trikes at the Shade Tree

I have been a long time fan of recumbent trikes but they really have not caught on very well... at least not around where I live. The last time I went by TTR bikes... where I bought a Catrike a few years ago... they didn't even have any recumbent trikes in the store... mostly just two wheeled recumbents.

I just ran across a website a few days ago about Electric Bikes. Lots of great info there for DIY electric conversion and just about anything else you  might be interested in concerning electric bikes including one story about an electric trike built in North Carolina that won the Pikes Peaks hill climb for electric bikes. They blew away the previous record.