Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Testing

I've been doing a lot of riding just to see how things hold up. I did have to make one mod to the secondary belt drive. I was having some issues with the belt jumping teeth on hard acceleration. I was considering going to an 8M HTD belt drive on the secondary but off the shelf pulley selection is not so good. Part of the problem is that the rear suspension makes it difficult to maintain proper belt tension. The simplest cure was to add a belt tensioner. This ended up being pretty easy to implement and made a huge improvement. No more belt slipping.

I'm geared for a top speed of about 28 MPH. I think this is about ideal overall. I'm current limiting to 30 amps which is about 1500 watts. I've been logging my watt hrs per mile. Pumping up the tires made a pretty significant improvement . Also been doing more and more pedaling along and this has a big impact as well.

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