Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Alive

I'm  waiting on the 48 tooth pulley but went ahead and ran it a bit with 20 to 72 primary... 18 to 72 intermediate... and 14 to 52 final. I got 15 mph just running it with no load on the work bench. It would appear that the 245 KV rating is pretty close to real world. Projected speed should have been 14 mph... I reckon the extra speed is a result of battery voltage being more like 48 as opposed to 44. I should be able to get this bolted together sufficiently for a road test Sunday... its supposed to be sunny. Swapping out the 72 tooth intermediate for the 48 should give me a top speed of 22.... and hopefully decent hill climbing. As it is.... should have plenty of grunt with the current gearing for Sunday.

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