Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A New Lease on Life

Shortly after my last post I went back to work... its a relatively small place but in a period of transition with lots of potential for growing. My job there is in the panel shop and they recently got their biggest contract ever for panel fabrication. A 3 million plus project for Sealed Air... formerly Cryovac..  a bit ironic as one of my first jobs was at Cryovac about 40 years ago.

Primarily an engineering staffing company... they acquired a panel fabrication shop a couple of years ago and recently acquired a machine shop. It is close by with flexible hours. The machine shop is of interest to me to fabricate some drive parts for adding electrick to the two KMX trikes I have.

The KMX trikes had a serious shortcoming... it appears they got a batch of frames from China or wherever they get them with a flaw. The two rear stays where the rear wheel mount are not properly aligned. This results in the rear wheel being canted to one side. It also causes the seat to be misaligned as well. Quite disappointing and to top it off they sent me replacement frames and they were the same way. Discussing it with them the fix is to brogan adjust the frame stays into alignment. Unbelievable they sent me a second set like that.... go figure.